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Santa Claus

by Sam Denison

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I always dreaded walking into my lord's chamber. The stench seemed to permeate my skin, but I'd just as soon take a Vandarian trial than displease the master. Passing through the plasma membrane, I could feel my skin tingle. "You called me, master?". I did not see him, nor did he respond. In the corner, near his throne, I could see blood. He must be feeding... or maybe he was just about to feed....


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Santa Claus
The Mythical Tyrant
Future / Forty Worlds / Outcast / Fiend

8 speed
5 health
7 wits
7 melee
7 power
2 damage
4 aim
2 point
2 throw
3 react
8 stealth
5 armor
9 strength
9 intellect
1 honor
9 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 1 henchmen, No trade cards, No card limit


Special Abilities

Santa may not use his own cards. He must gift them to "good" kids. Therefore, he may only give cards to allied characters with Honor 5 or more. (-20 survival, -20 ranged, -20 melee, -20 adventure)

Santa Claus may not be attacked by characters with Honor 4 or more. (30 survival)

Cold Grip of Death's Embrace: May, once per game, in a melee combat where Santa dealt at least one damage to an opponent, obliterate that character's essence. That character is removed from the game. All cards belonging to that character are transferred to Santa. (50 melee)

Magical Sleigh: Santa may use flight rules. (20 survival)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 246.0
Ranged: 30
Melee: 223.5
Adventure: 188
TOTAL: 687.5

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