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by Michael Kappel

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The Taelons are alien beings made up of pure energy and need a continuous supply of "Core Energy" to sustain them. They came to earth under a guise of peace and gave humanity many gifts and advanced technologies. Their real goal was to enslave humanity and harvest the planet of its resources to ensure the survival of the Taelon race. As the years went by, humanity fought back and the Taelons lost their grip on the planet.

Zo'or was confident in the supremacy of his race and believed that they could only admire those who were equals to them. As he felt that Humanity was too primitive and un-evolved, he felt that they were not worthy adversaries. In fact, he felt that the Taelons could do whatever they choose in regards to humanity. He believed mankind to be a pitiful subspecies that would never be an equal to the Taelons. Zo'or's attitude on the subjugation of humanity was an intricate plan that involved domination of both the body and the mind.

Eventually his policies may have been the true reason why the Taelons are now extinct.


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Current Card Text

Taelon Companion
Future / AltSpace / Icon / Being

4 speed
8 health
3 wits
0 melee
0 power
0 damage
2 aim
6 point
0 throw
2 react
3 stealth
7 armor
2 strength
8 intellect
1 honor
3 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 1 henchmen, No trade cards

Gadget, Vehicle

Special Abilities

Energy Burst - An ability that radiates a powerful burst of energy from him towards "everyone within 1 aura". Test Point vs Stealth. Each use of this power drains 1 health. (25 ranged)

Absorb Energy - Zo'or is able to absorb energy and heal 1 point (takes no damage) when affected by any energy weapon. (Energy Rifle, Energy Pistol or any other energy based power by Character / Henchmen / Creature) (25 survival)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 279
Ranged: 114.0
Melee: 31.0
Adventure: 78
TOTAL: 502.0

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