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Enkidu the Savage

by Heissel

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The people of Uruk complain to the gods that their mighty king Gilgamesh is too harsh. The goddess Aruru forms Enkidu from water and clay as rival to Gilgamesh, as a countervailing force. Enkidu lived in the wild, roaming with the herds, and joining the game at the watering-hole. The savage man lived apart and roamed the hinterland, he eats grass like the animals and like them, drinks from the watering Places. A hunter sees him and realizes that it is Enkidu who is freeing the animals from his traps. He reports this to Gilgamesh, who sends the temple prostitute, Shamhat, to deal with him.
Enkidu spends six days and seven nights making love with Shamhat, after which, bearing her scent upon him, the animals flee from him, and he finds he cannot return to his old ways. He returns to Shamhat, who teaches him the ways of civilized people. He now protects the shepherd's flock against predators, turning against his old life.
Shamhat tells him of the city of Uruk and of its king Gilgamesh. He travels to Uruk and engages Gilgamesh in a wrestling match as a test of strength. Gilgamesh wins and the two become fast friends.
Enkidu assists Gilgamesh in defeating and killing Humbaba, the guardian monster of the Cedar Forest. Enkidu selects a particularly tall tree to provide lumber for a new door for Enlil's temple in Uruk. Later, he assists Gilgamesh in slaying Gugalanna the Bull of Heaven, which the gods have sent to kill Gilgamesh as a reprisal for rejecting Ishtar's affections while enumerating the misfortunes that befell her former lovers. Ishtar demands that the pair pay for the bull's destruction. Shamash argues to the other gods to spare both of them, but he could save only Gilgamesh. Enkidu succumbs to a wasting illness. He represents the hero who wins fame but dies early. This moves Gilgamesh to quest for eternal life, and visit to Utnapishtim.


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Enkidu the Savage
Riding Gugalanna, the Bull
Ancient / Chasms / Warrior / Man

6 speed
4 health
6 wits
7 melee
4 power
2 damage
5 aim
3 point
7 throw
8 react
2 stealth
3 armor
5 strength
7 intellect
7 honor
9 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen, No give cards, No trade cards

Thrown, Brawler

Special Abilities

Enkidu can only use his ranged weapon attack while riding Guglanna. All damage goes to Guglanna ()

When Guglanna is dealt damage make a challenge, on a squeak or better Enkidu remains mounted on Guglanna. On a fail Enkidu is thrown off Guglanna and fights as normal (damage now goes to Enkidu health 3). On an FOPP Enkidu is killed and Guglanna rages towards the closest character and kills him no matter which team the character is on. ()

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 128
Ranged: 107.0
Melee: 122.0
Adventure: 146
TOTAL: 503.0

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