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by Geddon

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Stats- Tzeentch isn't much of a melee fighter, and his react is sloow, but at least he'll usually get to strike first. He has decent range and stealth so can be sneaky from a distance.

Abilities- What Tzeentch lacks in stats, he gains in abilities. Fate lets him twist the outcome of challenges to his benefit. Note that this ability will work slightly differently depending on whether you are using one or two challenge decks (ie. Base set vs. Master set). His natural ranged attack is good, although his throw stat is just below average. Teleport can get Tzeentch into and out of danger zones, although his total movement range is limited. Note that the opponent may op-fire, but only at the space Tzeentch ends his move. He is considered to disappear from sight, and then reappear up to 4 spaces away.
Due to the immense magical power Tzeentch possesses, he starts the game with cards, and has no carry limit.

Get in close and slay Tzeentch with melee. Try to surround him so he can't teleport away, and keep your eye on the face-up card on top of his/the challenge deck.


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The Winds of Change...
Modern / Strange Times / Lord / Fiend

4 speed
4 health
9 wits
2 melee
2 power
1 damage
6 aim
2 point
4 throw
3 react
9 stealth
2 armor
3 strength
8 intellect
2 honor
0 respect

0 common, 1 secret, 1 elite, 0 henchmen, No card limit


Special Abilities

Fate: When Tzeentch draws a challenge card, draw 1 extra and choose which to use. Place the unused card face-up on top of the deck. (50 adventure)

Warpstone Meteor: Natural Ranged Attack, uses Throw. ()

Teleport: Once per turn: Instead of normal movement, teleport upto 4 spaces, ignoring terrain. Cannot end on impassable terrain. (25 survival, 25 adventure)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 137.2
Ranged: 105.0
Melee: 76.5
Adventure: 181
TOTAL: 499.7

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