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by Geddon

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Basic overview- thematic reasons for stats and ablities.

Average melee stats, but defense and 'health' are high. Nurgle is surrounded by a putrid stench which makes it hard to hit him in melee combat. Good strength and intellect makes him a versatile but average fighter. He has high honour, he always loves to give the gift of disease, and of course his throw lets him use his natural ranged attack.

Nurgle is made up of the most vile substances in the universe. Thus, he is immune to poison damage. Cloud of flies is a weak ranged attack, but affects 7 hexes when used. The flies can easily get through cracks in armour, but inflict minimal damage. Nurgle also has a chance to poop out rancid goo during his free action, which stays on the map until it eats through another character's shoe.

Keep your distance from Nurgle, and don't go downwind!


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Current Card Text

Eternal Entropy
Ancient / Chasms / Lord / Fiend

5 speed
6 health
4 wits
5 melee
4 power
2 damage
0 aim
0 point
6 throw
8 react
4 stealth
3 armor
6 strength
4 intellect
7 honor
0 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen


Special Abilities

Unaffected by Poison damage. (25 survival)

Cloud of Flies: Natural Ranged attack, uses Throw: Attacks every space within 1 aura, including Nurgle's space. Does not affect Nurgle. (50 adventure)

Bile and Pus: Free Action: Check luck. 6-9= Place a wound token in Nurgle's space. The next character to enter the space takes this wound. Does not affect Nurgle. (25 melee)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 192
Ranged: 58.0
Melee: 99.80000000000001
Adventure: 148
TOTAL: 497.8

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