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Maggie Simpson

by Geddon

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Maggie Simpson
The Pacifier
Modern / Age of Crisis / Exemplar / Child

3 speed
4 health
8 wits
5 melee
1 power
1 damage
1 aim
4 point
6 throw
6 react
9 stealth
1 armor
1 strength
8 intellect
8 honor
9 respect

0 common, 1 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen

revolver, auto pistol, brawler, pet, gadget, Stealth

Special Abilities

2 card carry limit. (-20 adventure)

Free Action: Maggie and her cards may be picked up by an ally and carried as if she were a card, until the end of the movement phase. (20 adventure)

Its a Baby!: An enemy that causes damage to Maggie is immediately imprisoned, if able. Otherwise the character is killed. (80 survival)

Maggie ignores Mr. Burns Loyal Minion ability, and gains +3 Point against him. (10 ranged)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 191
Ranged: 85
Melee: 74.8
Adventure: 151
TOTAL: 501.8

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