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by Geddon

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Basic character overview, with thematic reasons for stats and abilities.

Stats- Khorne is a brutal melee attacker. Ranged attacks are for wimps. His defense is low/average, but he doesn't mind getting hit. After all, the Blood God doesn't mind who's blood is spilt. Low intellect means that he can't use a lot of items, but he is always able to use blades and spiky things.
Abilities- Khorne has low health, but due to his Bloodthirst he can heal himself in combat, all the way up to +1 maximum health if he's on a roll. He must be careful not to kill the enemy though. The Blood God enjoys combat, and dead men don't bleed (for long). If Khorne inflicts a killing blow, he doesn't heal and is banished, which takes him out of the battle. He must then quest to find more meatbags to puncture...

Don't let Khorne get near you, or be ready to defend with a heavily armoured melee brute.


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Blood For The Blood God
Colonial / Folktales / Lord / Fiend

6 speed
3 health
8 wits
8 melee
5 power
4 damage
0 aim
0 point
0 throw
5 react
5 stealth
1 armor
7 strength
2 intellect
4 honor
5 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen, No trade cards

blade, swing

Special Abilities

Bloodthirst: When Khorne causes damage but does not kill the enemy, heal 1 health. If already full, gain +1 maximum health. Cannot go above 4. (40 survival)

Wrath Of Khorne: Cannot imprison: When Khorne kills an enemy, he is immediately Banished. ()

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 134
Ranged: -10
Melee: 269.4
Adventure: 101
TOTAL: 494.4

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