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Strahd Von Zarovich

by garyvanhorn

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A man of noble birth, Strahd spent much of his life serving causes of goodness and law, most notably as a warrior and leader of armies. Years of such service took their toll upon him however, and by the time he reached middle age, Strahd came to believe he had squandered his life and his youth. With this dark mood upon him, he came to conquer the region known as Barovia, and assumed lordship there, taking as his residence the pre-existing castle known as Ravenloft. From this position of power and security, he called for members of his family "long unseated from their ancestral thrones" to join him, including a younger brother named Sergei.

Some time after this reunion, the Count himself fell in love with a young Barovian woman, Tatyana, though she rejected his affections in favor of the younger Sergei. Filled with despair and jealousy, and brooding a growing hatred for Sergei, Strahd sought magical means to restore his youth. In a moment of desperate frustration, he "made a pact with death - a pact of blood." On the day of Sergei and Tatyana's wedding, Strahd murdered his brother and pursued the grieving Tatyana until she flung herself from the walls of Ravenloft. Strahd himself was shot down by the arrows of the castle guard. Even so, he did not die, but went on to rule the land of Barovia as a vampire.


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Strahd Von Zarovich
The Damned
Ancient / Chasms / Villain / Fiend

7 speed
5 health
7 wits
6 melee
3 power
3 damage
5 aim
2 point
2 throw
7 react
7 stealth
4 armor
6 strength
6 intellect
2 honor
5 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen


Special Abilities

Bound by the Mists: Strahd cannot cross any platter border by any means other than dismissal or banishment. He may move off of Dome Keys, but not onto them. Strahd may enter Labyrinths, and the Lith key freely, but may not enter either Team Base. (-80 adventure)

Protected by the Mists: Enemies may not target or affect Strahd with any game effect whose aura or line of sight begins in a platter other than the one Strahd occupies. Strahd is similarly bound by this restriction. (10 survival)

Shapeshift: Strahd can fly. (10 survival, 25 adventure)

Blood Drain: If Strahd successfully damages an enemy with a melee attack, gain one health, up to max health. (15 survival)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 234.0
Ranged: 45
Melee: 141.0
Adventure: 79
TOTAL: 499.0

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