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Morgan le Fay

by garyvanhorn

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Christmas Eve festivities at the court of King Arthur are disrupted when a green knight abruptly enters the room and issues a challenge: Is there a knight present who dares to trade blows of an ax with him? The Green Knight will take the first blow and the challenger will receive the second a year later at the Green Knight's distant chapel. Sir Gawain accepts and advances to the kneeling intruder, whose neck is exposed. With one strike Gawain severs the Green Knight's head from his body. The body, however, rises up immediately, picks up its head, jumps on its horse, and rides away.

Months pass and on All Hallow's Day, Gawain rides off in search of the Green Chapel. After weeks of winter travel and dangerous adventures, Gawain finds the Green Chapel. Gawain offers his neck. The Green Knight starts to swing his ax but Gawain flinches, earning taunts for his cowardice. The second swing is deliberately checked by the Green Knight—it was intended to test Gawain's steadfastness. The third blow only nicks him. He tells him that the test was devised by Morgan le Fay in order to prove that his knights are not so honorable as they appear, and to terrify Aurthur's Queen, Guinevere.

The plot failed, but it would not be the last or least of Morgan le Fay's plots against the legendary king and his knights.....


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Morgan le Fay
The Nemesis
Ancient / Epic Heroes / Lord / Woman

6 speed
4 health
7 wits
3 melee
2 power
2 damage
4 aim
2 point
2 throw
5 react
7 stealth
3 armor
3 strength
6 intellect
1 honor
4 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 1 elite, 1 henchmen

Brawler, Stealth, Medical

Special Abilities

At the start of the game: Choose an enemy character. As long as Morgan le Fay is alive and not imprisoned, the difficulty for all Adventure Challenges faced by the chosen character is increased by +1. (40 adventure)

Allied Henchmen in Morgan le Fay's space may substitute her Wits value during Melee. (10 survival)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 169
Ranged: 75
Melee: 107.0
Adventure: 149
TOTAL: 500.0

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