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Harrison Jones

by garyvanhorn

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Peru, 1936. A group of rough looking men made their way along the narrow trail winding through the green face of the canyon. The man leading the party wore a short, brown leather jacket, a flapped holster containing a loaded revolver, and a brimmed felt hat. The heat was oppressive, and the leather jacket wasn't helping matters, but it was his favorite jacket and he wasn't about to let sweltering heat change that fact.
Behind him walked two Spanish Peruvians, nominally his partners, and five Yagua Indians who acted as both guides and porters, though the bulk of the supplies were upon the backs of two ill-tempered llamas. As they journeyed deeper into the jungle, the Indians became increasingly nervous and spoke to each other in hushed bursts of Quechua. The leader glanced back at his guides.
“They're whispering about the curse again!”, complained one of the partners. He turned and yelled a few words in Quechua, a touch of fear underlying his admonition of the Indians.
A few minutes later, the trail took a turn through a break in the canyon wall. Just beyond, shrouded in thick jungle vegetation, was their final destination, the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors. The sight of the temple proved too much for the Indians and they dropped their packs and fled in terror.
His partners moved to stop the fleeing Indians, but were stopped by the leader,
“We don't need them anymore.”, he declared. His partners looked at each other doubtfully, but there were priceless artifacts just ahead in the ruins of the temple, and Harrison Jones was just the man to recover them.


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Harrison Jones
The Archeologist
Modern / Strange Times / Icon / Man

6 speed
5 health
7 wits
6 melee
3 power
2 damage
5 aim
5 point
4 throw
6 react
5 stealth
2 armor
6 strength
8 intellect
6 honor
7 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen


Special Abilities

It belongs in a museum. When Harrison Amazes a Labyrinth adventure, draw 1 Elite card and place it in the Team Vault (10 adventure)

A race against evil. Gains +1 Movement when within 7 Aura of an enemy team marker. (5 survival, 10 adventure)

What was briefly yours is now mine. Melee. At the beginning of Melee, enemy characters in his space may test Wits opposed by Harrison's Wits. On a Pass or better the enemy steals 1 card. (-10 survival, -5 melee)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 134.0
Ranged: 82
Melee: 100.0
Adventure: 185
TOTAL: 501.0

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