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Great Hawk

by garyvanhorn

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!! chittered excitedly as they neared the cottage ahead of them. No, not a cottage, Orion reflected, more of a hovel. Orion cared little for the confining feeling of walls around him, as did all centaurs, and the ramshackle structure that leaned alarmingly in front of him did nothing to reverse this prejudice. The uneven roof was missing more than a few wooden shingles and Orion wondered just how much rain it actually kept out. The whitewash had long since cracked and peeled away, leaving only a speckled trace of it's ever having been there.
!! seemed not to notice and instead incessantly and excitedly told Orion for what seemed to be the ten-thousandth time of the great deeds perpetrated by the supposed occupant. “Great Hawk is the true hero of the squirrel folk! He has performed many great deeds and kept the High Forest safe with his very presence! Kegigoth was driven from the forest by his bow and blade, and now the evil dragon Skald shall be, too!”
“Calm yourself, little one,” Orion cautioned, “ I'm not certain anyone lives here any longer. No smoke rises from the chimney, the field is not tilled, and I neither see, nor hear any fowl, dogs, or beasts of burden.”
“Great Hawk is here!” ,!! insisted, “All the squirrel folk and fey know of his greatness!”
Unconvinced, Orion strode up to the door and rapped loudly. Beyond the door something stirred, as if from a deep sleep. Mildly surprised, Orion called out, “I am Orion of the Savrun Plains and I seek the one known as Great Hawk.”
The stirring turned into a rustle, then a crash as something fell to the floor. Finally, the door opened and a disheveled man reeking of alcohol answered the door. “Whooosh maaking all that racket out heeere?”
“Great Hawk!”, !! chittered with reverence.
Orion simply stared in stunned silence.


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Great Hawk
The Overstated
Ancient / Chasms / Icon / Man

6 speed
5 health
1 wits
2 melee
3 power
2 damage
2 aim
1 point
1 throw
2 react
2 stealth
4 armor
6 strength
3 intellect
4 honor
1 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen

Bow, Blade

Special Abilities

Cannot be attacked by Fairies. (30 survival)

Drunk or Sober? When testing any rating of 1 or 2 (except damage), check Luck and add it to the rating for this challenge only. (-5 survival, -5 ranged, -5 melee, -5 adventure)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 154.0
Ranged: 19
Melee: 29.25
Adventure: 83
TOTAL: 285.25

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