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by garyvanhorn

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From her seat in the shade of a palm tree, Deborah looked out over the highlands of Israel. These dry hills were her people's home, and she could see all was not well. In the valley below, armed bands preyed on Israelite peasants. Travelers and caravans, the lifeblood of her region, were too frightened to take the main roads. It was a time of chaos, a time that called for strong leadership...


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The Judge
Ancient / Epic Heroes / Defender / Woman

7 speed
4 health
6 wits
5 melee
2 power
2 damage
3 aim
4 point
5 throw
5 react
4 stealth
2 armor
4 strength
5 intellect
7 honor
7 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen


Special Abilities

Melee. Attacks against Debora or an ally in the same space are resolved using the Attacker Better by 0 row on the Challenge Card if it would be greater than 0. Resolve the attack normally if the Defender is better. (30 survival, 30 melee)

Enemies within 2 Aura may not use Transports . Enemies using a Transport that come within 2 Aura of Debora must end movement immediately. (15 survival)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 169.2
Ranged: 63
Melee: 117.2
Adventure: 151
TOTAL: 500.4

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