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Captain America

by garyvanhorn

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After the outbreak of World War II in Europe, a young American patriot named Steve Rogers was inspired to serve his country by joining the United States Army. When he attempted to enlist Steve was rejected, due to his skinny, anemic physique, and was classified 4-F. However, he garnered the attention of certain people including scientist Doctor Abraham Erskine who was searching for suitable volunteers/test subjects for a top secret experimental program designed to create an army of Super-Soldiers. As a result of Operation: Rebirth, Steve Rogers gained speed, strength, flexibility, endurance and agility of nearly superhuman levels. These heightened abilities coupled with his unwavering courage and “never say die” attitude eventually made him Captain America, a living legend.


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Captain America
The Super Soldier
Modern / Age of Crisis / Exemplar / Man

6 speed
4 health
5 wits
8 melee
4 power
2 damage
5 aim
4 point
7 throw
6 react
4 stealth
3 armor
7 strength
4 intellect
7 honor
7 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen


Special Abilities

Must imprison enemies. (-5 survival, -5 ranged)

Cannot trade with villains or fiends. (-2 survival, -2 ranged, -2 melee, -2 adventure)

If equipped with a revealed Shield. Gains Throw attack as listed. (8 ranged)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 133
Ranged: 108
Melee: 128.8
Adventure: 151
TOTAL: 520.8

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