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by DuelistofAges

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Thugs-4- less, if it ain't broke we'll brake it!


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The inexpensive (alien) mercs
Future / Starmarch / Villain / Being

5 speed
3 health
4 wits
5 melee
2 power
2 damage
5 aim
6 point
4 throw
4 react
3 stealth
2 armor
4 strength
2 intellect
5 honor
3 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen


Special Abilities

Setting up shop, if Thugs-4-less (t4l) enters your HQ: he is no longer considered a character, but rather a terrain feature, your characters once per turn may discard 2 cards or 1 elite to get a henchman, also Your HQ may not be broken until all of your henchman are dead. any cards t4l was carrying are discarded immediately for henchmen (round up), these henchmen are not set to a character, treat t4l as full heath for scoring purposes if he does this. (200 adventure)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 79.4
Ranged: 81
Melee: 65.2
Adventure: 277
TOTAL: 502.6

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