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by DuelistofAges

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He was an average joe who hated his job, and almost everything about his life. and people didn't like him, he worked for a company that distributed commercial chemicals, (pool cleaners, toner, detergent, oils, etc.) the one thing he didn't hate was the pretty girl who worked for that same place, she seemed to love the job, and everyone liked her, in fact, people say the only time Pyke ever laughed was around her.
One day as they were closing up the warehouse, she thought he heard something, she just had to go see what it was.
If only she hadn't gone to go investigate, it turned out there were some delinquent burglars who thought was something of value in that stupid old warehouse, she tried to stop them, and when she didn't, they shot her. And while running out of the building knocked over a trash can whose fire was warming the vagrants around it, they ran away and the fire spread.
Pyke had heard the shot and saw the crooks take-off he ran in and frantically shouted for the girl.
No answer.
He searched and found her as the smoke choked out any hope of seeing for much longer. She couldn't say anything but she smiled as she saw him and coughed up blood. The bullet had penetrated her kidney. He found her too late; she was already lying in a massive pool of blood, which soaked her auburn hair. She tried to speak but it pained her too much she managed to mouth the word "Go" before she passed out, never to wake again.
The scream of "No" probably couldn't have been heard over the roar of the flames. the black smoke reached high into the sky. The warehouse collapsed. But Pyke's body wasn't burnedhis clothes had smoldered but he was unharmed under a pile of rubble. He couldn't remember much, the paramedics were amazed when he walked out of the hospital the next day. He was determined, He had a mission, and he had nothing to lose.


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The Fire Vigilante
Modern / Strange Times / Outcast / Man

6 speed
6 health
7 wits
4 melee
7 power
1 damage
0 aim
7 point
0 throw
5 react
0 stealth
3 armor
5 strength
4 intellect
4 honor
4 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen


Special Abilities

Pyke has two two short-ranged fire pistols, because of this he gets the shown natural ranged attack, Point Vs. React. (may not be used in water deep water or swamp) (35 ranged)

Fire: Pyke's melee attacks hit all characters in his spaces and may not be used in water deep water or swamp. (15 melee)

Instead of regular board entry when it is time for Pyke, place him on any fire space. (or building if there isn't one) Move cost one through fire, four through water and swamp. (20 survival, 30 adventure)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 158
Ranged: 103.0
Melee: 101.4
Adventure: 135
TOTAL: 497.4

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