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Doctor Zilph

by DuelistofAges


Work in progress


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This card was made by my little brother and is not really mine, if you like him give the credit to my little brother, if you hate him give the credit to my little brother, I did not make him.


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Doctor Zilph
The Mad Chemist
Future / Forty Worlds / Outcast / Man

6 speed
4 health
6 wits
4 melee
3 power
2 damage
2 aim
7 point
6 throw
6 react
6 stealth
1 armor
3 strength
7 intellect
2 honor
1 respect

2 common, 2 secret, 1 elite, 1 henchmen, No card limit

Gadget, Medical

Special Abilities

Potions: May use each of the following once per game on any character in his space or himself: Healing potion, may heal two health. Ironskin potion, Until the start of your next turn +6 armor. Power punch, Until the start of your next turn gain + 2 to all melee stats. (60 survival, 40 melee, 5 adventure)

Side effects: every time an enemy character takes damage, place a marker on Zilph, must discard a marker to use potion if not take one damage. (-15 survival, -10 melee)

Super potion: Once per game Until the start of your next turn, +2 health,Within five aura kill or permanently convert one enemy to your side. (100 survival, 20 melee, 50 adventure)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 266
Ranged: 147
Melee: 175.5
Adventure: 223
TOTAL: 811.5

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