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by Daniel Schudalla

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The sun in the RTO-775 system was brutal, especially on the desert planet Ri-5. And patrolling the planet's surface was the worst experience a Galactic Marine could have in this sector of the galaxy. So when 32nd Battalion 8th Platoon (aka "The Hellboys") was tasked with locating and collecting a distress signal from a personal space freighter that crashed somewhere in the northern hemisphere of the planet, groans could be heard all around the barracks. After a quick briefing of their objective, the Hellboys were on a transport to the surface. Little was known about Ri-5 so every marine was outfitted with full combat gear, a total of 110 pounds (by Ri-5's gravity) of guns, armor, ammo, and explosives. This puzzled most of the veteran marines as this was supposed to be a quick op, just search and rescue. Once the marines arrived at the crash, they noticed some strange noise coming from the wreckage, a sort of rustling like leather against skin. They switched off safeties and slowly advanced to see the source of the noise. As soon as a marine rolled over the fuselage, about thirty or forty worm like creatures with sharp teeth and tough skin squirmed away quickly from the marine. It appeared that the worms of about 3 feet long were nibbling at the wreck. The marines made quick work of them and collected the corpses for research. But the most curious thing was a personal freighter was normally big enough to fit multiple tanks and personnel in it, this was only the cockpit. The questions of where that cargo hold was or where the worms came from was about to be answered. For the worms mother was approaching, and the cargo hold wasn't enough to satisfy her hunger. She needed meat. The Hellboys unfortunately fit that requirement.


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The Eater
Future / Starmarch / Villain / Being

2 speed
2 health
3 wits
5 melee
1 power
0 damage
0 aim
0 point
0 throw
5 react
0 stealth
1 armor
3 strength
0 intellect
1 honor
1 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen, No give cards


Special Abilities

Burrow: Instead of moving, Guuc may burrow to gain +7 stealth, +4 react, and +4 armor (100 survival, 50 adventure)

Feed: Guuc may not use cards, however if Guuc possess a card he immediately eats it permanently gaining +1 speed, health, power, damage, armor, and strength (100 survival, 100 melee, 100 adventure)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 247
Ranged: 0
Melee: 125.0
Adventure: 138
TOTAL: 510.0

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