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Envidia Castro

by Colby


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Envidia Castro
The Jealous
Modern / Strange Times / Outcast / Woman

6 speed
4 health
5 wits
5 melee
3 power
2 damage
6 aim
6 point
2 throw
6 react
6 stealth
2 armor
4 strength
4 intellect
2 honor
2 respect

2 common, 2 secret, 1 elite, 0 henchmen, No card limit

auto rifle, brawler

Special Abilities

May hold more than one tribute marker as well as trade them. May not collect tribute at HQ if E already has at least 1. May give Lith more than one tribute marker at a time. (10 adventure)

If at the end of free action, any ally has more cards than E has cards and tribute in total, the ally with the most cards must discard one card. If there is a tie, only one ally discards a card. (-30 adventure)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 132.2
Ranged: 127
Melee: 116.0
Adventure: 121
TOTAL: 496.2

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