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by BilboAtBagEnd

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The Dark Lord of the Emerald Lands (Legend of the Five Rings), Daigotsu rules over Jigoku and the Spider clan. His army consists of the undead, the cursed/tainted, and other abominations. He can convert the good into creatures on his side, and is the epitomy of evil, though he believes he's doing the world a bit of good by bringing the teachings of Fu Leng to the Empire.

For more information about Daigtosu, see the L5R Wikia page for Daigotsu.


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Current Card Text

The Dark Lord
Ancient / Epic Heroes / Lord / Man

6 speed
4 health
7 wits
8 melee
3 power
2 damage
5 aim
5 point
5 throw
8 react
8 stealth
3 armor
7 strength
7 intellect
1 honor
1 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen

Blade, Thrown

Special Abilities

Cannot end Move in a space with an allied character. Cannot enter his team base. (-5 survival, -10 ranged, -5 melee, -20 adventure)

Once per game, may resurrect a dead character from either side, who becomes a henchman for Daigotsu. (20 survival, 10 ranged, 10 melee)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 184
Ranged: 81
Melee: 152.5
Adventure: 81
TOTAL: 498.5

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