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by BilboAtBagEnd

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In a future Gotham City, teenager Terry McGinnis takes up the mantle of Batman under the guidance of Bruce Wayne, the original Batman. Terry is not Bruce; while Bruce could be cold even in his youth, Terry runs a far hotter temper and has much to learn about becoming the greatest detective. Bruce has more brains than Terry, it's true, but Terry has just as much heart as the old man.

Terry does not yet have the build of Bruce, but he is quite acrobatic and light on his feet while still being able to throw quite a punch, even outside of the strength-enhancing batsuit.

And Terry definitely sasses his opponents.

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Bruce Wayne


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Heir to the Dark Knight
Future / AltSpace / Defender / Man

7 speed
5 health
7 wits
6 melee
3 power
2 damage
4 aim
4 point
7 throw
7 react
6 stealth
2 armor
5 strength
6 intellect
6 honor
2 respect

0 common, 0 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen

Thrown, Brawler

Special Abilities

Backtalk. Enemies only hit Batman on Pass or Amaze. Enemies that FOPP on hit or damage deal themselves 1 damage. (10 survival, 10 ranged, 10 melee)

Must always choose to imprison. (-10 survival)

Cannot use rifles, pistols, or revolvers. (-12 ranged)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 161.0
Ranged: 86
Melee: 128.0
Adventure: 127
TOTAL: 502.0

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