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Alan Turing

by BilboAtBagEnd

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Alan Turing contemplated the apple in his hand. It was a perfect specimen, shiny and a deep red with not a bruise nor blemish. The faint smell of almonds from the cyanide had disappeared. He wondered how an apple soaked in cyanide would taste; would it be as sweet as its smell promised? Or was the scent deceptive, and the apple would burn?

All of his accomplishments were as nothing to the government, to society. He was still proud of them, but even cracking the codes of the Germans in the war was not enough to grant him a pardon from the indecency charge that put him in house arrest, with doctors forcing drugs upon him on a regular basis. He could feel his mind slowly peeling apart from the "medication" that was supposed to keep him in check, like the rot of wood.

Why society should think that love was a poison was beyond his ken.

And now it would all end, he thought. The pain in his heart and in his head, the impossibility of anything remotely resembling a happy life.

He bit the apple. It tasted acrid, like the sting of a thousand wasps on his tongue. Still he ate several more bites before he began to feel faint.

Carefully, he set aside the apple on his nightstand, and lay back. Like Snow White, he thought, falling into a sleep like death until her prince came. The wicked queens of the world could not touch him now.

As sudden as he lost consciousness, he was awake once more. There were bright lights overhead, like an operating room, and his first thought was Oh God, it did not work. He turned his head, and his curiosity overlaid his internal panic. There was machinery there, unlike anything he knew of in his world, and he had been exposed to quite a bit of classified technology.

"Are you feeling all right, Mr. Turing?" asked a voice that sounded like the slither of a snake across dry autumn leaves.

Alan looked up, and saw the visage of a being entirely alien to him. Its eyes were black and deep-set on its reptilian face, scaled with bright orange and green stripes.

"Where am I?" Alan asked.

"Ah," hissed the snake-doctor softly. "In a better world than the one you left. You are appreciated now as you never were in your previous life. Even hundreds of years later, your legacy survives."

Alan was close to tears. His stomach growled in complete non-sympathy to his emotional state.

"You are hungry," said the snake-doctor. "What would you like to eat? For Lith will present anything to her combatants in the games."

"Not apples," said Alan after a pause.


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Current Card Text

Alan Turing
The Mathematician
Modern / Age of Crisis / Defender / Man

6 speed
4 health
5 wits
5 melee
2 power
2 damage
3 aim
3 point
6 throw
5 react
4 stealth
2 armor
5 strength
9 intellect
7 honor
5 respect

0 common, 3 secret, 0 elite, 0 henchmen

Bot, Gadget

Special Abilities

Ignores all mental abilities of enemy women and events that specify interaction between a man and a woman. (5 survival, 5 adventure)

Lith's Favor. Once per game, may enter Lith's Chamber and be dismissed to gain one tribute point. +1 on Lith Adventures. (15 adventure)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 119.2
Ranged: 72
Melee: 85.2
Adventure: 229
TOTAL: 505.4

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