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Adam Kenney

by Adam Kenney


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Adam Kenney
Angry Artist
Modern / Age of Crisis / Commoner / Man

5 speed
4 health
6 wits
2 melee
3 power
3 damage
3 aim
3 point
6 throw
6 react
6 stealth
4 armor
4 strength
5 intellect
6 honor
6 respect

1 common, 1 secret, 1 elite, 0 henchmen, No give cards

Swing, Vehicle, Gadget

Special Abilities

Adam sees red. If Adam takes damage, his Melee skill increases by one point. This effect is permanent and cumulative. (10 melee)

Adam sees the beauty in nature. If Adam is in a forested area or on raised terrain (cliff, etc), he may heal 1 health point by forfeiting a gained Melee skill point. If he has no Melee skill points, he is unable to heal. (10 survival, -5 melee)

Value Breakdown:

Survival: 157.8
Ranged: 93
Melee: 96.5
Adventure: 151
TOTAL: 498.3

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