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Ygunna Gecha

The Bad Girl

Modern / The Underground / Woman

Set: M Number: 96

Basic: Speed: 6 Health: 4
Melee: Wits: 7 Melee: 6 Power: 3 Damage: 2
Range: Aim: 3 Point: 5 Throw: 7
Defense: React: 7 Stealth: 5 Armor: 2
Traits: Strength: 4 Intellect: 5 Honor: 1 Respect: 6


Once per game, Mental ability. Prevent one ranged Hit attempt against Ygunna, if the enemy is a Man with less Wits than Ygunna. Decide before Hit. (Survival: 10)

Once per game, Mental ability. If an enemy with less Wits plans a melee attack against Ygunna, it fails and she makes a free attack back. Decide before the Hit. (Melee: 15)

Once per game, If Ygunna causes damage with her natural melee, add 2 poison damage. Choose after the attack causes damage. (Melee: 10)

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