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Sterling Jack

The Con Man

Colonial / Lands West / Man

Set: M Number: 168

Basic: Speed: 6 Health: 4
Melee: Wits: 9 Melee: 4 Power: 2 Damage: 2
Range: Aim: 4 Point: 7 Throw: 3
Defense: React: 5 Stealth: 6 Armor: 2
Traits: Strength: 4 Intellect: 7 Honor: 3 Respect: 6


Mental ability. Instead of a melee attack, can challenge Wits vs. Wits of one enemy in the space. On Amaze, reveal the enemy’s cards. Swap any of Jack’s cards for an equal number of enemy cards, Jack’s choice. (Melee: 8)

Long Con: At game start, secretly write down the number of enemy team markers that will be on the map at game end. If correct, your team gains 1 Achievement if Jack is alive and unimprisoned. (Adventure: 15)

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