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Jenny McGiddey

The Crafty Peasant

Colonial / Folktales / Woman

Set: M Number: 112

Basic: Speed: 6 Health: 4
Melee: Wits: 9 Melee: 4 Power: 3 Damage: 2
Range: Aim: 5 Point: 4 Throw: 5
Defense: React: 5 Stealth: 6 Armor: 2
Traits: Strength: 5 Intellect: 4 Honor: 4 Respect: 3


If an enemy Fopps a melee attempt against Jenny, he hits himself. He must make a Damage challenge against his own Armor rating. (Survival: 35)

Mental ability. On melee Hit attempts against Jenny, Jenny adds her Wits to her React, and the attacker adds his Wits to his Melee. (Survival: 30)

Once per game, on any challenge, can use Wits rating instead of the normal rating. (Adventure: 10)

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