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The Mimic

Ancient / Faer / Fairy

Set: M Number: 102

Basic: Speed: 6 Health: 7
Melee: Wits: 5 Melee: 4 Power: 1 Damage: 3
Range: Aim: 4 Point: 3 Throw: 1
Defense: React: 3 Stealth: 6 Armor: 3
Traits: Strength: 3 Intellect: 3 Honor: 6 Respect: 1


At Melee start, can shapeshift to an enemy character in her space. While shifted: She has all ratings of the enemy except Health, Honor, Wits and Intellect. If the enemy has split ratings (left and right), use the ratings in effect at that moment. She gains none of the enemy special abilities except Flight and natural ranged attacks. She can revert to normal in her Free Action, but cannot return to a previous form afterward. (Survival: 30, Ranged: 20, Melee: 35, Adventure: 30)

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