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Erik Merit

The Retired Elite

Modern / Age of Crisis / Man

Set: M Number: 135

Basic: Speed: 6 Health: 5
Melee: Wits: 5 Melee: 9 Power: 4 Damage: 3
Range: Aim: 9 Point: 9 Throw: 9
Defense: React: 9 Stealth: 7 Armor: 2
Traits: Strength: 6 Intellect: 9 Honor: 6 Respect: 3


Erik begins pacifist. He returns to being pacifist whenever he kills/imprisons an enemy character. Pacifist: Erik cannot attack or use Creatures. Wronged: If pacifist, and an enemy attempts to Hit Erik, Erik becomes wronged at the end of that phase. While wronged, Erik has no restrictions. He ignores Strength/Intellect restrictions for all cards. (Ranged: -60, Melee: -85)

Cracked: On an adventure Fopp, Erik cracks. Discard all cards. He cannot trade cards or use the Vault. He can attack normally.

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