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Ace Cannon The QuarterbackModernAge of Crisis IconMan
Adigan The Rat The Bold MidgelingAncientFaer WarriorBeing
Agent 911 The Bumbling IdiotModernStrange Times DefenderMan
Amanda Pierce The FreelancerModernThe Underground OutcastWoman
Annah Mischkev The International SpyModernThe Underground DefenderWoman
Annie Oakley The Trick ShotColonialLands West IconWoman
A Pile of Weewaks The HordeFutureAltspace LordBeing
Aramis The RomanticColonialFolktales ExemplarMan
Ardin Glynn The EnvoyFutureStarmarch DefenderMan
Arkin Ironshanks The DwarfAncientChasms WarriorBeing
Atalanta The AgitatorAncientEpic Heroes AdventurerWoman
Avindel The ElfAncientChasms ExemplarBeing
Baba Yaga The HagAncientEpic Heroes VillainWoman
Baron Von Krule The Master VillainModernStrange Times VillainMan
Benedict Arnold The TraitorColonialHorizons WarriorMan
Beowulf The Mythical HeroAncientEpic Heroes IconMan
Big Herr The Rock StarModernThe Underground IconMan
Bill Hickok The GunslingerColonialLands West IconMan
Blackbeard The PirateColonialHorizons VillainMan
Bladed Terror The Deadly Life FormFutureStarmarch VillainBeing
Boolean The HackerModernThe Underground OutcastMan
Boris Andronov The MercenaryModernThe Underground WarriorMan
Boudica The Hand of VengeanceAncientEpic Heroes LordWoman
Brad The SlackerModernStrange Times CommonerTeen
Bruno Brincelli The MuscleModernThe Underground VillainMan
Camden Drake The EngineerFutureStarmarch ExemplarMan
Cassie Sashay The CowgirlColonialLands West CommonerWoman
Catspaw The MindbenderModernStrange Times CommonerChild
Cayriss The SaurianFutureStarmarch CommonerBeing
Chief Joseph The NativeColonialLands West LordMan
Clara Barton The HumanitarianColonialHorizons ExemplarWoman
Coach Quinn The CoachModernAge of Crisis ExemplarMan
Commodore Blaylock The CommanderFutureAltspace LordMan
Corporal Janus The Bug HunterFutureStarmarch WarriorMan
Damon Raven The AssassinFutureStarmarch OutcastMan
Darija Dugrebsky The CountessColonialFolktales LordWoman
Davy Crockett The BackwoodsmanColonialLands West AdventurerMan
Daylight and Dusk The LoversAncientEpic Heroes ExemplarMan
Devon Regal The RaiderFutureForty Worlds OutcastMan
Diaz El Gato The BlademasterColonialFolktales CommonerMan
Dingo Jake The BushmasterModernAge of Crisis AdventurerMan
Dirk Slade The Tough GuyModernThe Underground OutcastMan
Dr. Hume The Invisible ManColonialFolktales VillainMan
Dr. Marla Ulf The PhysicistFutureAltspace IconWoman
Dr. Memnar The Mad ScientistColonialFolktales VillainMan
Dr. Pennopolis The MentorFutureForty Worlds IconMan
El Cid The Tragic HeroAncientEpic Heroes LordMan
Eliot Ness The Crime FighterModernThe Underground DefenderMan
Enrak The Fury The BerserkerAncientFaer WarriorMan
Erik Merit The Retired EliteModernAge of Crisis WarriorMan
Erin Shrike The ReconFutureForty Worlds AdventurerWoman
Ettamerra The MotherFutureForty Worlds DefenderBeing
Fanged Tracnids The MultipliersFutureStarmarch OutcastBeing
Fen Lin The Kung Fu MasterModernStrange Times DefenderMan
Finnabar Taint The PessimistAncientFaer DefenderBeing
First Marine Quog The Bug-Eyed AlienModernStrange Times VillainBeing
Flicker The StealthmistressAncientFaer OutcastWoman
Frostdancer The Graceful WarriorAncientEpic Heroes DefenderWoman
Gana The MimicAncientFaer OutcastFairy
Genghis Khan The TyrantAncientEpic Heroes VillainMan
Gen. James Gavin The Field GeneralModernAge of Crisis LordMan
Geronimo The War ChiefColonialLands West LordMan
Giuseppe Garibaldi The PatriotColonialHorizons AdventurerMan
Gregory The HealerAncientEpic Heroes ExemplarMan
Greymede The Faithful CompanionAncientChasms OutcastBeing
Grok The BruteFutureAltspace WarriorBeing
Hakan The DictatorModernAge of Crisis LordMan
Hamid Al-Duri The SurvivorModernAge of Crisis OutcastMan
Headless Horseman The Rural LegendColonialFolktales VillainFiend
Helene Lang The MountaineerModernThe Underground AdventurerWoman
Henry Kirk The Family ManModernAge of Crisis ExemplarMan
Homer Morgan The SluggerModernAge of Crisis IconMan
Ian Welsh The Secret AgentModernThe Underground DefenderMan
Illinth The Growing ThreatAncientChasms VillainFiend
Ironhead McCray The BoxerModernAge of Crisis IconMan
Ivymane The Wood FayColonialFolktales IconFairy
Jack Hammer The Lone WolfModernThe Underground DefenderMan
Jade The UnicornAncientFaer ExemplarFairy
Jedediah Smith The Mountain ManColonialLands West AdventurerMan
Jenny McGiddey The Crafty PeasantColonialFolktales CommonerWoman
Jerry Gillis The SurvivalistModernStrange Times CommonerMan
Joe Tascoe The Trailer Park HeroModernStrange Times CommonerMan
Jolie La Ravissant The CharmerColonialHorizons IconWoman
Joshua Jordan The SuperheroModernStrange Times IconMan
Kassina The Dragon QueenAncientChasms LordFairy
Kidd The OutlawColonialLands West VillainMan
Kiri Silvertip The Winged Warrior MaidAncientChasms IconFairy
Kit Carson The ScoutColonialLands West AdventurerMan
Koguryo The Oath WarriorAncientEpic Heroes WarriorMan
Kraator The BarbarianAncientChasms AdventurerMan
Kristina Karlsdotter The RunnerColonialHorizons WarriorWoman
Leapgrip The Honorbound HunterFutureForty Worlds ExemplarBeing
Leo Penney The GamblerColonialLands West IconMan
Lianka The Gazer The ScoundrelColonialFolktales OutcastWoman
Lia Vestri The Test SubjectModernStrange Times AdventurerWoman
Little Shaun The IronmanColonialHorizons CommonerMan
Lt. Percy Smith The Dutiful SoldierColonialHorizons WarriorMan
Lyrra Swan The Time AgentFutureAltspace DefenderWoman
Marcus Aurus The Genetic SuperhumanFutureStarmarch OutcastMan
Marley Kenyon The Gadget MasterColonialHorizons DefenderMan
Martians The Little Green MenModernStrange Times AdventurerBeing
Merissa of Ravenna The Revered IconFutureStarmarch LordWoman
Mildred Stonegutter The BattleaxeColonialFolktales CommonerWoman
Milena Arrebato The Freedom FighterModernAge of Crisis LordWoman
Minx and Jinx The Little PeopleAncientFaer CommonerFairy
Miranda Fade The Escape ArtistModernThe Underground AdventurerWoman
Misty Corona The Perky Space CadetFutureAltspace ExemplarWoman
Mogred Ghan The Alien Crime LordFutureAltspace LordBeing
Mr. Catskill The VigilanteModernThe Underground DefenderMan
Mulgoth Dominant The Infernal ConstructAncientFaer VillainFiend
Napoleon The TacticianColonialHorizons LordMan
Ned Kelly The OutcastColonialHorizons OutcastMan
Nerve Puppet The ParasiteModernStrange Times VillainBeing
Neyana Unyielding The PaladinAncientChasms DefenderWoman
Nimsea The NuisanceAncientFaer AdventurerFairy
Norz Madfang The BeastriderAncientChasms AdventurerBeing
Odessa of Omri The AristocratFutureForty Worlds IconWoman
Onyra of Omri The SchemerFutureForty Worlds LordWoman
Ophelia of Omri The IdealistFutureForty Worlds ExemplarWoman
Orpithu The Cave MonsterAncientChasms VillainBeing
Paradox The BizarreAncientFaer OutcastWoman
Paragonia The Do-GoodFutureAltspace DefenderMachine
Pat Garrett The LawmanColonialLands West DefenderMan
Perindor The RangerAncientChasms AdventurerMan
Perry Owens The Bounty HunterColonialLands West DefenderMan
Perseus The Pawn of the GodsAncientEpic Heroes IconMan
Phillip Redlegs The AdventurerAncientChasms AdventurerMan
Piccolo The ArtsmasterColonialHorizons ExemplarMan
Princess Sunglow The Dainty PrincessColonialFolktales ExemplarWoman
Prince Wallard Blatt The Time PrisonerColonialFolktales IconMan
Pvt. Sanchez The SniperModernAge of Crisis WarriorMan
Pyraxian The Crystal BeingFutureStarmarch CommonerBeing
Quaal The MatriarchFutureStarmarch LordBeing
Raygun Roger The Gallant Space HeroFutureAltspace DefenderMan
Reaver Mk. VII The Battered War MachineFutureStarmarch WarriorMachine
Red River Roy The Happy CowboyColonialLands West ExemplarMan
Rizzik The Red The WizardAncientChasms DefenderFairy
Roaringrock The Beast KingAncientFaer LordFairy
Robert Morris The FinancierColonialHorizons IconMan
Robin Hood The WoodsmanAncientEpic Heroes IconMan
Ronin Sajiro The SamuraiAncientEpic Heroes WarriorMan
Ryan Knight The InvestigatorModernStrange Times DefenderMan
Ryder The AdeptFutureAltspace ExemplarMan
Sandman The Urban LegendModernStrange Times CommonerBeing
Santiago El Robusto The HonchoColonialLands West VillainMan
Seveneyes The SeerFutureStarmarch ExemplarBeing
Sgt. Gritt The SargeModernAge of Crisis WarriorMan
Sheridan The CavalrymanColonialHorizons WarriorMan
Shifter The AdapterFutureAltspace CommonerBeing
Siennya, Queen's-Daughter The AmazonAncientFaer LordWoman
Sir Bodkin The PrudentAncientFaer IconMan
Sir Gawain The KnightAncientEpic Heroes ExemplarMan
Smoke The InfiltratorModernThe Underground DefenderMan
Spartacus The GladiatorAncientEpic Heroes LordMan
Specialist Njeri The MedicFutureForty Worlds WarriorWoman
Stephen Decatur The SwashbucklerColonialHorizons LordMan
Sterling Jack The Con ManColonialLands West OutcastMan
Suva of Orian The Honorable AlienFutureForty Worlds ExemplarBeing
Sven the Netmender The Young HeroAncientFaer IconMan
Syriach The Warrior RaceFutureStarmarch VillainBeing
Tanika The Young HeroineFutureForty Worlds AdventurerWoman
Tex The Range RiderColonialLands West CommonerMan
The Iron Pole The Tall TaleColonialFolktales CommonerMan
The Scarlet Vixen The RogueColonialFolktales OutcastWoman
The Weinstein Brothers The TinkerersFutureAltspace CommonerMan
Thorn The OpportunistFutureAltspace OutcastMan
Thotus The Pulsating BrainModernStrange Times VillainBeing
Three-U The Energy BeingFutureStarmarch OutcastBeing
Thump The GiantAncientChasms CommonerBeing
TIAX Assassin The Killing MachineFutureAltspace VillainMachine
Titanium Renegade The CyborgFutureAltspace WarriorWoman
Tomiji Hamaki The Eccentric GeniusModernAge of Crisis ExemplarMan
Ulshasa The Fire DwellerAncientFaer CommonerBeing
Undenbog The AmphibianAncientFaer CommonerBeing
Vaxiss The Agile AlienFutureForty Worlds AdventurerBeing
Venya 8 The Android AgentFutureStarmarch WarriorMachine
Victoria The DaredevilFutureForty Worlds IconWoman
Walrus The RescuerModernAge of Crisis CommonerMan
Whisper The Secret SuperheroModernStrange Times OutcastWoman
Wilder The GuerrillaModernAge of Crisis WarriorMan
William Wallace The Inspiring LeaderAncientEpic Heroes LordMan
Wintercreak The Tree CreatureColonialFolktales ExemplarFairy
Xecttyl The Hive MotherFutureForty Worlds OutcastBeing
Xin The She-Kelpie The MistrustedColonialFolktales OutcastFairy
Ygunna Gecha The Bad GirlModernThe Underground VillainWoman
Ylsa The ElementalistAncientChasms AdventurerWoman
Yori Blackpad The Cave DwellerAncientChasms DefenderBeing
York The Foot SoldierColonialHorizons WarriorMan
Zane Starblazer The Boy WonderFutureAltspace AdventurerTeen
Zera Kail The SharpshooterFutureForty Worlds AdventurerWoman
Zoe Burroughs The MoleModernThe Underground OutcastWoman
Zygoid The Plant CreatureFutureForty Worlds VillainBeing
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