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The Calculator

This page calculates the value of a Duel of Ages II character based on stats, traits, bonuses, and special abilities. A character's value represents how strong the character is in game play; you don't want overpowered or underpowered characters.

A good guideline is reaching 500 points, give or take 3.

The calculator uses the official algorithm given out by the Worldspanner folks.

The Card Generator

If you have an HTML-5 compatible browser, you can also generate card images from data that you've input. If you're on Firefox or Chrome, you can additionally add a portrait to the card, with various options for fitting the portrait in---if you want the perfect fit, choose the "Cropped" option.

A limitation of the generator is that it can't deal with more complex variations on special ability text, such as lists. For that you should check out CorelDraw and use mltdwn's Corel card generator.

How is character value calculated?

A character's value is broken down into four components:

The total of all of these is the character's value.

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