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Character Design Guide

Data taken and/or paraphrased for brevity from the official Duel of Ages II rulebook.

This is currently a work in prgress.

Age and Setting

Characters fall into one of four ages, and one of three settings of that age.

ChasmsEpic fantasy.
FaerThe Faerie people.
Epic HeroesHeroes and mythological figures up until 1400 AD.
Lands West1800s Western America.
FolktalesFolklore figures from 16th - 19th century.
HorizonsHistory from 1400s to World War I.
UndergroundMobsters and lawmen in the 20th century.
Strange TimesConspiracy theories and unexplained phenomena.
Age of CrisisHistory between World War II and the 2060's.
StarmarchHard Science Fiction.
AltspaceGrand Space Opera.
Forty WorldsHistory beyond the 2060's.


Social class that a character feels at most home in.

ExemplarsThe pure at heart.
DefendersProtectors and lawkeepers.
WarriorsSkilled fighters.
CommonersEveryday people.
OutcastsRefugees from normal society.
VillainsThe dark side.
AdventuersTreasure-hunters and thrill-seekers
IconsThe famous.
LordsKings, queens, generals, leaders.

Character Ratings

Physical, mental, and philosophical characteristics.

Note: some entries slightly modified.

SpeedLand speed; average human speed is 6. Range: 1-9-
HealthTypical human health is 4. Range: 1-9
Melee. Range 0-9.

Cunning, street smarts, cleverness, battle senses.

  • 9: World-class con man.

  • 7: Pickpocket.

  • 5: Street fighter.

  • 3: Officially sorority girl, but you can't say much for the stereotypical frat boy either.

  • 1: Officially farm-raised turkey, but I vote for chickens.


Skill at hand-to-hand combat.

  • 9: Special ops kung fu master.

  • 7: Army private.

  • 5: Soccer fan.

  • 3: Angry untrained housewife. Have you seen Fullmetal Alchemist?

  • 1: Officially spelling bee champion, but I vote for people who live in basements not exercising.

Power and Damage

Damage caused by natural fists, claws, mandibles. Power is the ability of a weapon to penetrate armor, usually 2-3 for a human fist. Damage is average damage caused on a hit, and is usually 2.

Ranged. Range: 0-9.

Steadiness, cool-headedness, concentration, vision quality. Used for weapons like rifles.


Hand-eye coordination, fluid and accurate upper body movements. Used for weapons like pistols and guns that don't require careful aiming.


Throw strength and accuracy. Used for grenades, spears, shurikens, etc.

Special Ranged

Number of times this character can fire this weapon on the opponent's turn. Range: 1-6.


Number of hexes this weapon covers. Range: 1-9.

Defense. Range: 0-9.

Quckness and agility. Used against melee.

  • 9: Wind Warrior.

  • 7: Acrobat.

  • 5: Untrained cheerleader.

  • 3: Potbellied plumber UNLESS they're Mario.

  • 1: Zombie with torn ACL.


Hide, sneak, avoiding getting shot. Used against ranged.

  • 9: Ninja.

  • 7: Elf.

  • 5: Country girl. (?)

  • 3: American tourist.

  • 1: Inebriated Elvis impersonater.


Protection of your clothing or skin.

  • 9: 700lbs of tinfoil

  • 7: Full plate.

  • 5: Breastplate.

  • 3: Heavy clothing.

  • 1: Trendy swimwear.

Traits. Range: 0-9.

Muscle power and the experience to put it to use.

  • 9: Steroid test subject.

  • 7: Dock worker.

  • 5: Those guys in the end zone seats. (?)

  • 3: Computer gamers.

  • 1: Ripped pixes.


Book learning, logic, and memory.

  • 9: Einstein.

  • 7: Einstein's accountant brother.

  • 5: Einstein during Oktoberfest.

  • 3: Einstein the Barbarian.

  • 1: Einstein's really smart cat.


How you treat others and hold to selfless standards.

  • 9: Saintly.

  • 7: Selfless.

  • 5: Give-and-take.

  • 3: Selfish.

  • 1: Grinchy.


How others regard you.

  • 9: Rock star!

  • 7: Reality show contestent.

  • 5: Family man.

  • 3: Loser.

  • 1: Scum

Bonus Symbols

Point-wise, every bonus symbol adds 7 points to one aspect (survival, ranged, melee, or adventure).


When characters start with cards, their point count goes up by a fixed amount per card added. Henchmen are the most expensive cards to begin with, followed by elite cards, secret cards, and common cards.

You may start with the following:

There are special standard card bonuses (or anti-bonuses):

Standard Special Abilities

Some special abilities are so common that they have a standard scoring.

Official Character Abilities

To help guide you in scoring your own specials, you can look at the following examples. Always refer to the card's full text to understand what the special is referring to.

You can use the Codex Search to look at the full text of special abilities. I recommend using it to search for a phrase in the special ability text, then cross-reference the character and ability to this page.

CharacterSpecial Abilities SurvivalRangedMelee AdventureNotes
A Pile of Weewaks:Attack everyone in Melee25Considering a Melee rating of 4.
A Pile of Weewaks:Cannot use Armor -8
A Pile of Weewaks:Double damage from Area -12
Ace Cannon:+3 range with Thrown, Grenade 12Considering a Throw of 9.
Adigan the Rat:-1 Damage rating with Melee cards-22
Agent 911:Enemy Hit failures 135
Agent 911:Amaze Hit and Adventure on 7202020
Amanda Pierce:Not trade but can use Vault-5-10 -5-5
Annah Mischkev:Reveal enemy card on Squeak20
Annah Mischkev:Go to allied Dome 20
Annie Oakley:Take -2 Hit, gain +1 Damage20
Annie Oakley:+1 OpFire Aim and Point 35
Aramis:Cannot OpFire at Women, Children, Lords-5-20
Aramis:Wits 0 in Melee -10
Aramis:Must imprison-10
Ardin Glynn:Cannot attack near team marker -5-10
Arkin Ironshanks:Cavern bonus 10
Atalanta:No trading in her space -6-6-6-15
Atalanta:Ignores allied mental abilities: -8
Avindel:Move 1 Ancient Woods, Rough, Water 9 9
Avindel:Move 1 Ancient Swamp5 5
Avindel:-5 Hit/Adventure on Col, Future, Modern-30 -35 -45
Baba Yaga:Ensorceling in melee35
Baron von Krule:Team marker removal110
Benedict Arnold:Traitor -45
Beowulf:Boastful -12
Big Herr:Henchmen protect on Modern 40
Big Herr:Pass+ adventures on Modern70
Big Herr:Draw card for card-paying challenges, Modern 50
Bill Hickok:Use two Point weapons15
Blackbeard:Elite treasure 20
Blackbeard:Cross Deep Water move cost 215
Bladed Terror: Cross cliff6
Boolean:Draw Adventure again 50
Boolean:Draw card again 1015
Boolean:Go to Dome of choice on banish 50
Boris Andronov:Cannot imprison unless must-8
Boudica:Cannot attack until attacked, then +2 Hit-12
Brad:Slacking Adventures140
Brad:Slacking Hit/Damage 3030
Brad:Speed 8 around enemy 5520
Brad:Cannot move into enemy space-15
Bruno:+2 Hit versus weaklings 40
Bruno:+2 Adventure vs weakling adventures20
Camden Drake:Take unleashed bots5 5 10
Cassie Sashay:Mount bonuses101015
Cassie Sashay:Lasso 20
Catspaw:Move 0 through Building60
Catspaw:Witless enemies cannot attack 6540
Catspaw:Use Wits on adventures 75
Cayriss:Second melee vs second enemy20
Chief Joseph:Colonial bonuses3012
Clara Barton:Healing and bolstering 100
Coach Quinn:Adventuring aura 30
Commodore Blaylock:Two Experience markers 1010
Corporal Janus:Bonus versus Beings, Bots, Machines 8 8
Damon Raven:+5 Hit with four weapon types 70
Damon Raven:+5 Adventure Aim and Point 30
Darija Dugrebski:Draw Henchmen/Secret for Elite 6 6 6
Daylight and Dusk:Two characters 105 5 50
Daylight and Dusk:Daylight imprisoned -15 -5-5-30
Devon Regal:Take shot after moving 10
Devon Regal:Dismissed 10
Devon Regal:Invade enemy base25
Diaz el Gato:Cannot be shot at range 1-220
Diaz el Gato:Blade bonus 20
Dingo Jake:Not need to stop in enemy space in Swamp 5
Dingo Jake:Ignore Swamp for ranged attacks 10
Dirk Slade:Toughness453030
Dr Hume:Invisibility 7025
Dr Marla Ulf:Duplicates 80201080
Dr Memnar: The monster 55160
Dr Pennopolis:Give cards away 204030
Dr Pennopolis:Train allies 101010
Dr Pennopolis:Move ally to space20
El Cid:Heroic death12
Eliot Ness:Choses Dome3030
Enrak the Fury:Attacks twice in melee75
Erik Merit:Pacifist -60 -85
Erin Shrike:Targeting30
Fanged Tracnids:Water breeding0 0 0 0 (Counteracted by starting at only 4 Health)
Attacks everyone in Melee with natural melee attack25
Finnabar Taint:Pessimism-25 -30 -40
First Marine Quog:Eats things8
Flicker:Melee snatch and go 25
Flicker:Cross cliffsides 8
Frostdancer:Only one melee enemy can attack her 15
Frostdancer:Cannot end in allied space or in team base -5-10 -5-20
Gana:Shapeshift mimic 30203530
Gen James Gavin:Armor aura 10
Genghis Khan:Fearsome aura155 20
Geronimo:OpFire ambush 10
Geromino:Trade only with Colonial -3-7-3-5
Giuseppe Garibaldi:Gain Experience markers 1515
Gregory:Adventure Amaze aura40
Gregory:Heal 60
Gregory:Enemy switches sides on Hit Luck50
Gregory:No melee in Gregory's space15
Grok:Stupid-20 -10
Grok:Use all weapons105
Hakan:Take from allies 5 5 10
Hakan:Give weapons away 155
Hamid Al-Duri:Scavenge treasure101510
Headless Horseman:Spook 1035
Helene Lang:Cliffs are Slope 1510
Henry Kirk:Immune to chosen mental abilities15
Henry Kirk:Immune to side-switching10
Henry Kirk:Move through Deep Water at 2 move cost 15
Homer Morgan:Bat-whacking5
Ian Welsh:Exotic damage prtoection5
Illinth:Pain feeder5045
Ironhead McRay:-1 Damage rating from natural attacks25
Ivymane:Swamp Stealth Bonus3
Ivymane:Charm Men and Fairies 40
Ivymane:Pets cannot attack Ivymane 5
Jack Hammer:One space move/shoot30
Jade:Cannot use cards except Lith cards-15 -5
Jade:Move cost restrictions -30 -30
Jade:Imprisonment adjustment 30Jade has high Melee with very high Power, capable of easier double-Amaze.
Jedediah Smith:Use the whole buffalo5
Jenny McGiddy:Enemy melee Fopp hits self 35
Jenny McGiddy:Wits added in melee 30
Jenny McGiddy:Use Wits for a challenge 10
Jerry Gillis:Use all cards. 5 155 5
Jerry Gillis:Draw 1 card when banished 5
Jerry Gillis:Pinata adjustment-10 -15 Jerry Gillis is the human pinata. So many cards to hand over to the enemy on death.
Joe Tascoe:Dismissed 5530
Jolie La Ravissant:-5 Hit, no OpFire45
Jolie La Ravissant:Steal 1 card in Free Action 5
Jolie La Ravissant:Enemy switches sides when attacks35
Joshua Jordan:Becomes super50306510
Kassina:Becomes dragon2540505
Kidd:Hideout 45
Kiri Silvertip:+1 Damage vs Fiends5
Kit Carson:Mobility adjustment3 3 7 Speed with significant move bonuses.
Kristina Karlsdotter:Trade cards aura5 105 10
Leapgrip:Chameleon 30
Leapgrip:Hunter's honor -15 -15
Leo Penney:Double or nothing 10
Lia Vestri:Two characters 105 5 50
Lia Vestri:Death improvement 20101010
Lianka the Gazer:Wits for card-paying challenges5
Lianka the Gazer:Turn enemy2515
Little Shaun:Amaze damage increase10
Lt Percy Smith:1 damage from ranged attacks40
Lt Percy Smith:Mount bonuses5 5
Lt Percy Smith:Unaffected by all mental abilities5
Lyrra Swan:Travel to other team marker55
Marcus Aurus:Cannot enter allied space or team base-5-10 -5-20
Marcus Aurus:Ignores allied mental abilities-8
Marey Kenyon:Adventure bonus secret cards10
Jerry Gillis:Pinata adjustment-5-5Many cards in a weak character, human pinata for the enemy.
Martians:Move through enemies without stopping 12
Merissa of Ravenna:Devotion aura101015
Merissa of Ravenna:Protected by henchmen in melee30
Mildred Stonegutter:Attacks fleeing enemies 50
Mildred Stonegutter:Harsh browbeatings 20
Milena Arrebato:Ignore any mental abilities wished15
Milena Arrebato:Cannot receive cards -15
Minx and Jinx:Steal from clumsy enemies 105
Miranda Fade:Life-saving 45
Mogred Ghan:Tough Master adjustment 5 5 5 Mogred is harder to kill than normal henchman masters
Mr Catskill:Vengeance2030
Mulgoth Dominant:Cannot choose to imprison enemy-8
Napoleon:Speed aura15
Ned Kelly:Class hatred1015
Ned Kelly:Cannot trade with classes-2-2-2-2
Nerve Puppet:Ignores imprisonment 5
Nerve Puppet:Creates Nerve Puppets 95
Neyana Unyielding:Bonus vs Villains and Fiends5 15
Neyana Unyielding:Holy Weapon20
Neyana Unyielding:-2 Stealth adventures -5
Nimsea:FOPP aura -10
Nimsea: Speed reduction aura0 0 0 0
Norz Madfang:Use Hunters and Mounts10
Odessa of Omri:Draw free card 20
Odessa of Omri:Only be with beautiful people -5
Onyra of Omri:Imprison enemy20
Onyra of Omri:Expects equal trade-5-5-10
Ophelia of Omri:For the poor10201015
Ophelia of Omri:Carry only two cards -20
Orphithu:-3 Hit if not in Cavern-15
Paradox:Flipped reality80504050
Paragonia:Unaffected by all mental abilities5
Paragonia:Naïve, Wits theft-5-50
Paragonia:Must imprison -5-5
Pat Garrett:Bonus vs low Honor 5 5
Perry Owens:Go to enemy Dome4 12
Perseus:Gain Elite card15
Perseus:Enemy gains henchman-30
Phillip Redlegs:Retry Luck 4 5 5
Piccolo:Chooses attacking enemy in melee35
Piccolo:Must imprison-5-5
Piccolo:Imprison adjustment 15Piccolo has a larger than normal chance to imprison by double-Amaze.
Prince Wallard Blatt:Comes back130
Princess Sunglow:Enemies subtract Honor 50
Princess Sunglow:Switch enemy with Respect 505020
Princess Sunglow:Amaze adventures on Luck 5 20
Pvt Sanchez:Take -2 Hit, gain +1 Damage20
Pyraxian:Enter and stay in Fire 2010
Pyraxian:Ignore fire for ranged attacks10
Quaal:Fog 20
Raygun Roger:Hyperboots10
Raygun Roger:Jetpack10
Raygun Roger:Laser Ring10
Raygun Roger:Rescue Pod 5
Reaver:Regen low health15
Reaver:Malfunction on Adventures-20 -30
Reaver:Unaffacted by mental abilities5
Red River Roy:Outwit enemy in melee 30
Red River Roy:+2 Stealth outdoors10
Rizzik the Red:Teleport 20
Roaringrock:Take Pets and Mounts 205
Robert Morris:Gain Common cards for Vault 15
Robert Morris:Takes any cards from Vault 20
Robin Hood:Ignore Woods for ranged attack 10
Robin Hood:Extra +2 Stealth in Woods 6
Robin Hood:Bow bonuses155
Ronin Sajiro:+1 Ancient adventures 10
Ronin Sajiro:Adventure FOPP penalty -20
Ryder:Attack disrupt aura30
Ryan Knight:+1 Hit Beings and Fiends5 5
Ryan Knight:Ignores any mental abilities wished15
Sandman:Move 0 through Building 202520
Sandman:Sleep attack 130
Santiago El Robusto:Use multiple guns20
Seveneyes:Look at Guardians/Encounters 55
Sgt Gritt:Unaffacted by beneficial mental abilities-5
Sheridan:Mount bonuses 105
Shifter:Transmutation 25123012
Sir Bodkin:Prudent retreat 55
Sir Bodkin:Cannot end move in enemy space -15
Sir Gawain:Mount bonuses 12
Smoke:Move through enemies12
Smoke:Move cost 2 through Building 5 5
Spartacus:Use two Melee cards at same time5
Specialist Njeri:Heal30
Stephen Decatur:Move through Deep Water 15
Sterling Jack:Melee card swap8
Sterling Jack:Long con guess enemy team markers 15
Suva of Orian:Electric kill35
Sven the Netmender:Untested ratings -3-3-3-3Assumes ratings average 7
Syriach:-2 Adventures except Melee, Point -15
Tanika:Untested ratings -8-8Assumes ratings average 7
Tex:Mount Fire and Move25
The Iron Pole:Move through Cavern walls 2530
The Iron Pole:+2 Strength adventures 10
The Scarlet Vixen:Base attack 5 20
The Weinstein Brothers:Bonus with cards, if card survives10101010
Thorn:Dome dismissal within 4 spaces30
Thorn:Two cards to pass adventure15
Thotus:Mind control, switch enemies 130
Thotus:+3 Intellect and Wits adventures20
Three-U:Banish/drop cards aura3060
Three-U:Enemy hits self60
TIAX Assassin:One-track targeting -20 -50 -50
TIAX Assassin:Regeneration40
TIAX Assassin:Speed loss from damage-20 -30 -5
TIAX Assassin:Does not need to stop in enemy space 12
Titanium Renegade:Move cost 2 Building5 5
Titanium Renegade:Move cost 4 Swamp-3-3
Tomiji Hamaki:Use all cards 5 5 5 5
Tomiji Hamaki:Pay 1 less card for card-paying challenges 30
Ulshasa:Enter, remain in Fire 2010
Ulshasa:Ignore Fire for ranged attacks 10
Ulshasa:Melee damage in return. 15
Undenbog:Swamp and Water bonuses 201020
Vaxiss:Poison damage25
Vaxiss:Move cost 3 Water, 5 Swamp-15 -15
Venya 8:Immune to all mental abilities5
Victoria:Reduce odds for Amaze/Fopp10
Walrus:Revive dead ally 10
Whisper:Windwraith 20204040
Wilder:Move 3 move after shoot1010
William Wallace:+1 Hit aura1015
Wintercreak:Move 0 in Woods 2020
Wintercreak+6 Stealth in Woods10
Xexttyl:Move cost 1/2 through Cavern8 8
Xecttyl:-1 Speed aura
Xecttyl:Melee aura55
Xin the She-Kelpie:Move through Deep Water Move 120
Xin the She-Kelpie:Allies ride Xin25
Ygunna Gecha:Prevent one ranged attack 10
Ygunna Gecha:Surprise melee attack15
Ygunna Gecha:Poison fingernails10
Ylsa:Lightning strike 20
Ylsa:Crystal shield20
Yori Blackpad:Cavern bonuses1020
York:+2 Hit in Fire phase35
Zane Starblazer:Chosen bonus25101020
Zera Kail:Bonus against creatures3
Zera Kail:+4 Range with Aim 5
Zoe Burroughs:Mole 3030
Zoe Burroughs:Unsuspecting strike 1515
Zygoid:Less single but more area damage-5
Zygoid:+2 Stealth Swamp, Woods 10
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